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Plenary Sessions WHEC 2016

Plenary Session 1: Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles and Hydrogen Infrastructures
Monday June 13th, 10.30 - 12.30 h

Chairperson: Mr Javier Brey Sánchez | Chairman of WHEC 2016 and Chairman of the Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2)


  • Dr Tudor Constantinescu | Principal Adviser to the Director-General, DG ENERGY - European Commission

"The Energy Union and alternative fuels"    Download symbol 30

  • Mr Matthias Klietz | Vice President Research Powertrain - Research, New Technologies, Innovations - BMW AG

"BMW Group hydrogen fuel cell technology as a path towards zero emission mobility"


  • Mr Jacques Pieraerts | Vice President, Communication, External and Environmental Affairs - Toyota Motor Europe

"H2 : The path to a sustainable society"     Download symbol 30     speech  speech icon


  • Mr Bjørn Simonsen | Director, Market Development and Public Relations - NEL ASA

"Ramping up for the commercial hydrogen refuelling station market"    Download symbol 30


Plenary Session 2: Hydrogen and Fuel Cells National Initiatives, Strategies and Legislation
Tuesday June 14th, 08.30 - 10.00 h

 Chairperson: Chairperson: Ms Mª Luisa Revilla | Spanish Representative H2020 Energy Programme Committee | EU Programme Division INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMES DIRECTORATE - CDTI

  • Mr Bart Biebuyck | Executive Director - Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU)

"Fuel Cells & Hydrogen joint undertaking (FCH-JU), taking Europe to the forefront"     Download symbol 30


  • Mr Eiji Ohira | Director, New Energy Technology Department - New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

"Current Policy and R&D Activity on Hydrogen Energy in Japan"     Download symbol 30


  • Ms Chris White | Communications Director - California Fuel Cell Partnership (CaFCP)

"Status and Progress on FCEV Market Launch in California"     Download symbol 30


  • Mr Eric Denhoff | President and Chief Executive Officer - Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA)

"The State of Canada's Fuel Cell Industry--Successes and Challenges"     Download symbol 30


  • Dr Klaus Bonhoff | Managing Director - NOW GmbH National Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology

“Supporting market ramp-up of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies”     Download symbol 30


Plenary Session 3: Hydrogen Storage and Power-to-Gas
Wednesday June 15th, 08.30 - 10.00 h

Chairperson: Mr Jacobo Rubio Fernández | Technological Unit – ENAGAS


  • Mr Filip Smeets | Managing Director, On-site Generation - Hydrogenics 

"Renewable Hydrogen: Myth, Hype or Reality?"     Download symbol 30


  • Dr Simon Bourne | Chief Technology Officer - ITM Power

"Storing Renewable Energy in the Gas Grid"


  • Dipl-Ing Gregor Waldstein | Managing Director - ETOGAS GmbH

"Experience from successful Power-to-Gas projects"     Download symbol 30


  • Mr Everett Anderson | Vice President, Business Development - Technology & New Markets -  Proton OnSite

“Emerging Business Opportunities in Hydrogen Energy and Power-to-Gas”


Plenary Session 4: Cross-cutting Initiatives and Upcoming Events
Thursday June 16th, 08.30-10.00 h

Chairperson: Mr John W. Sheffield | Executive Vice President – IAHE


  • Mrs María Jaén Caparrós | Board Member - Spanish Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Technological Platform (PTE HPC)

"Hydrogen Energy in Spain. The Potential for Change"     Download symbol 30


  • Mr Pontus Lindberg | Board Member - Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Electro-mobility in European Regions (HyER)

“Hydrogen, fuel cells and electro-mobility in European regions”     Download symbol 30


  • Mrs Chiara Fiori | Chair - Young Scientists Division (YSD) of the IAHE

"The Young Scientists Division of the IAHE - a key to the future of hydrogen energy"     Download symbol 30


  • Ms Inmaculada Cabrera | EUREKA OFFICER. Canada & Korea Project Coordinator, Dpt. of Foreign technology Action - Center for the Development of Industrial Technological (CDTI)

“EUREKA. Funding opportunities for R&D cooperative projects”     Download symbol 30


  • Dr Ing Karin StehlíkCzech Hydrogen Technology Platform

“Invitation to the World Hydrogen Technology Convention 2017 in Prague”     Download symbol 30     video  video symbol


  • Dr Prof Paulo de Miranda | Head of the Hydrogen Laboratory at COPPE - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

“The 22nd World Hydrogen Energy Conference”     Download symbol 30     video  video symbol


  • Dr Prof Yoshitsugu Kojima | Director of the Institute for Advanced Materials Research - Hiroshima University

“All Japan Hydrogen Project to Realize Hydrogen Economy"     Download symbol 30


  • Mr Tejs Laustsen Jensen | Chief Executive Officer - The Danish Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

“WHEC 2020 in Denmark - the home of renewable energy”     Download symbol 30


  • Dr Miguel Antonio Peña | Research Scientist, Institute of Catalysis and Ptrochemistry -  Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

"3rd International Symposium on Catalysis for Clean Energy and Sustainable Chemistry (CCESC 2016)"     Download symbol 30


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