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Search what interests you more within the WHEC 2016 poster database using any of the fields and download the full database in several formats.

Please note that the field “ORGANIZATION” has been taken from the submission web. These data will be taken from the abstract file for the printed final scientific program and could be different.

Authors will be asked to look for their correspondant Poster Code in the Poster Exhibition area.

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 Abstract ID Attendee Title Organization Country Code
8 Abdullah Al-Musa Modeling of partial oxidation of natural gas in a porous catalytic bed King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology Saudi Arabia P-81
58 Yoshitsugu Kojima All Japan Hydrogen Project to Realize Hydrogen Economy Hiroshima University Japan P-4
70 Mónica Sánchez Delgado Study of the influence of the balance of plant and key parameters on the performance of an alkaline water electrolyzer Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno Spain P-93
88 Masaharu Sasakura Scenario study for full-fledged hydrogen utilization with CO2-free hydrogen global supply chains The Institute of Applied Energy Japan P-5
109 Denise Geburtig Chemical Utilization of Hydrogen from Fluctuating Energy Sources - Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation from Charged Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier Systems FAU Erlangen Nürnberg Germany P-112
110 Alexander Seidel Optimization of dehydrogenation catalysts for LOHC systems University of Erlangen Germany P-113
112 Marcelo Tagliabue SMR integration and increase of CO2 production - Stage 2 - Air Liquide Argentina Argentina P-104
119 Won Gi Hong Graphene oxide based materials as tunable storage media for hydrogen storage Korea Basic Science Institute Korea, South P-114
126 Young chul Kim Kinetics for hydrogen production from glycerol steam reforming reaction using Ni-Fe-Ce/Al2O3 Channam National University Korea, South P-82
127 Gabriel MEYER Hydrogen purification using metallic hydrides Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica Argentina P-128
128 Gabriel MEYER Hydrogen compression using metallic hydrides Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica Argentina P-115
129 Gabriel MEYER Hydrogen separation at low pressure using thin Pd-Au membranes Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica Argentina P-129
165 Geunjun Lyu A study on impurities effect of single cell for proton exchange membrane fuel cells Institute of Gas Safety R&D, Korea Gas Safety Corporation Korea, South P-6
166 Chang Won Yoon Formic Acid-Based Hydrogen Storage for Fuel Cells Korea Institute of Science and Technology Korea, South P-116
185 YILSER DEVRIM Development of graphene oxide supported platinum catalyst for high temperature pem fuel cell ATILIM UNIVERSITY Turkey P-49
190 Karmele Vidal Optimization of the large scale synthesis of the LSF-20 cathode material for SOFCs University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU) Spain P-59
193 Carlos Sánchez-Diaz TRNSYS model of the hybrid energy system in LabDER. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Spain P-133
196 Chen-Yeon CHU Biohydrogen production performance and hydrodynamic properties in a pilot-scale of bioreactor from food industry wastewater Feng Chia University Taiwan P-67
198 Songzhe Chen INET’s study on basic properties of HIx for iodine-sulfur cycle Tsinghua University China P-108
212 Misook Kang Effective hydrogen production from propane steam reforming over 30(Fe0.05Cu0.05Ni0.9Ox)/70g-Al2O3 catalyst Yeungnam University Korea, South P-83
213 Byeong Sub Kwak Effect of transition metal (A = Fe, Co, Ni) in Mn based metal oxide structure to produce hydrogen by propane steam reforming Yeongnam University Korea, South P-84
215 Ah-Reum Kim Statistical analysis of vertically aligned carbon nanotube catalyst layer for fuel cells: Effects of a highly ordered catalyst layer nano-structure hanyang university Korea, South P-50
217 Pisanu Punyaporn Effect of Surface Coating on Hydrogen Environment Embrittlement in Fe-8Cr Model Alloy Hokkaido University Japan P-12
223 Jin Bae Lee Characterization and synthesis for hydrogen storage based on manganese silicate/graphene oxide hybrid Korea Basic Science Institute Korea, South P-117
225 Ashish Bhatnagar Enhanced hydrogen storage characteristics of MgH2 catalyzed by Graphene /Fe3O4 Banaras Hindu University India P-118
228 Young Lae Kim Adsorption and desorption characteristics of ammonia in a fixed-bed of metal chloride Wonik Materials Korea, South P-119
239 Reji Mathai Development and Demonstration of Hydrogen and Compressed Natural Gas (HCNG) Blend in Transit Buses INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED India P-7
246 Jens Mitzel INSIDE – In-situ Diagnostics in Water Electrolysers German Aerospace Center (DLR) Germany P-94
251 Maria Jose Escudero Berzal Nickel and tungsten combined with cerium oxide catalyst: A suitable SOFC anode for direct reforming of biogas CIEMAT Spain P-60
254 Jungwoon Lee An analysis of domestic and foreign codes & standards for an improvement of safety guideline of a hydrogen town in Korea Institute of Gas Safety R&D, Korea Gas Safety Corporation Korea, South P-8
282 Regine Reissner Improved electrodes and gas impurity investigations on alkaline electrolysers DLR German Aerospace Center Germany P-95
288 Byung Hak Choe Safety Evaluation of Pipes and Components in Hydrogen Environment Gangneung-Wonju National Univ. Korea, South P-13
301 Birce Pekmezci Steam Reforming of Acetic Acid Over Alumina Based Catalysts Gazi University Turkey P-85
307 Ricardo Narváez Hydrogen from Municipal Solid Wasted in Ecuador: potential and feasible uses UNIVERSIDAD DE CUENCA Ecuador P-68
308 Alfredo Iranzo Paricio CFD thermal model validation of a lab-scale solar reactor AICIA Spain P-109
311 Alberto Berrueta Hydrogen-lithium energy storage for a stand-alone microgrid Public University of Navarre Spain P-26
312 Alberto Berrueta Hydrogen educational activities developed by APERNA: a renewable-energy student association Public University of Navarre Spain P-1
323 Marta Maroño Buján Fluidized bed gasification for sustainable production of H2 without CO2 emissions: BIOH2 project CIEMAT Spain P-69
338 Chen-Yeon Chu Effects of bio-hydrogen production from rice straw hydrolyzate on pretreatment technology Feng Chia University Taiwan P-70
339 Can Ozgur Colpan Three Dimensional Two-Phase Modeling of a Flowing Electrolyte – Direct Methanol Fuel Cell with Experimental Validation Dokuz Eylul University Turkey P-20
341 Pilar G. Escribano sSEBS/40SiO2-40P2O5-20ZrO2 Sol-Gel Composite Membranes for PEMFCs. Institute of Polymers (CSIC) Spain P-51
342 T. Hikmet Karakoç Exergetic Sustainability Analysis of a High Altitude Unmanned Air Vehicle Powered with a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stack and Hydrogen Fuel, for 0 to 100 Percent Hydrogen Storage Capacities by Mass Anadolu University Turkey P-30
343 Carmen del Río Electrochemical performances of SPSU/Zn,Al-heptamolibdate LDH hybrid membranes for proton exchange membrane fuel cells. CSIC Spain P-52
351 ERNESTO AMORES Development of a model to analyze the behavior of hydrogen leaks inside an experimental facility using CFD simulations Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno Spain P-139
368 María José Escudero Berzal Towards improving the catalytic activity of ceria-based anodes in biogas-fueled SOFCs CIEMAT Spain P-61
372 Philipp Haug Influence of Electrolyte Management on Gas Purity in Alkaline Water Electrolysis Clausthal University of Technology Germany P-96
381 Yanan Yin Enhanced hydrogen production from waste activated sludge disintegrated by low pressure wet oxidation Tsinghua University China P-71
385 Jhe-Wei Jhuang Effects of CO2 treatment on properties of proton-conducting electrolytes National Central Unversity Taiwan P-62
387 Pei Pei The enhancement of hydrogen adsorption capacity of graphene by vanadium decoration Simon Fraser University Canada P-120
401 Christopher Yang Fuel Cells for Heavy Duty Trucks: Vehicle Modeling and Fleet Adoption University of California, Davis United States P-31
410 Sarbani Ghosh Hydrogen adsorption onto defective single-walled carbon nanotube: doped with titanium IIT Kharagpur India P-127
414 Karmele Vidal Degradation study of ceramic vs metallic half-cells for SOFCs University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) Spain P-63
415 Miryam Gil Effect of MgO on the partial oxidation of methane over NiAl2O4-derived catalysts University of The Basque Country UPV/EHU Spain P-86
432 John W. Sheffield Mapping the Hydrogen Energy Potential for the State of Missouri, and its Use in the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Omar Al Moktar Univeristy Libya P-2
433 Antonio Martínez Chaparro Localized degradation of membrane-electrode assemblies by using “in-situ” reference electrode array fuel cell. CIEMAT Spain P-37
435 Miryam Gil Hydrogen production by partial oxidation of methane at low temperature over substoichiometric nickel aluminate spinels Chemical Technologies for Environmental Sustainability Group, Spain P-87
436 Seunghyeon Choi Study on on-board fuel reforming for hydrogen production using exhaust gas with Me/CGO catalyst (Me=Pt, Rh, Ru) KAIST Korea, South P-32
437 Tadashi Abe FCV and Hydrogen Infrastructure Development Activities in Japan HySUT Japan P-14
438 MOON-SUN CHUNG Solid state hydrogen storage technology for FCV in Korea Korea Institute of Energy Research Korea, South P-121
440 Marta Maroño Buján Development of novel manufacturing methods for supported Pd-based membranes CIEMAT Spain P-130
442 Tamara Guerrero Cervera Development of hydrogen refueling stations infrastructure Abengoa Hidrógeno Spain P-15
452 Stefania Siracusano Oxygen reduction and evolution in alkaline media on Pd nanoparticles supported on Ti-based materials Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR) Italy P-38
457 Laura Díez Chemical and mechanical stability of CuO-based materials for Ca/Cu reforming process and kinetic study of a CuO-based promising material. Instituto de Carboquímica (ICB-CSIC) Spain P-105
462 OSCAR SANTIAGO Genetic algorithm applied to the optimum design of a DMFC stack from certain initial requirements Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Spain P-17
471 Marco Binotti Biogas membrane reformer for decentralized H2 production Politecnico di Milano Italy P-72
479 Berta Moreno MEAs prepared with Titanium ceramics as alternative supports for PEMFC catalysts. CSIC Spain P-39
480 José Angel Peña Hydrogen streams purification with Steam-Iron using Freeze-Casting iron oxides Universidad Zaragoza Spain P-73
482 Berta Moreno Catalytic layer based on Pt-Ceramic catalysts for DAFC. CSIC Spain P-40
490 Eva Chinarro Martín Post-mortem characterization of MEAs after different failure modes. CSIC Spain P-53
492 Eveline Weidner The NREL and JRC Sensor Test Laboratories Instrumentation and Methods for Hydrogen Sensor Performance Verification Joint Research Centre Netherlands P-140
500 Michael Whitwick Hydrogen Storage in Iron-oxide Decorated Graphene Simon Fraser University Canada P-122
501 Yan-Jin Li Optimization of the nanostructure and crystallinity of hematite films grown by pulsed laser deposition for solar hydrogen production National Central University Taiwan P-110
502 Zafar Ilyas Syed Analysis of hydrogen penetration in Pakistan market for use as an alternative fuel Allama Iqbal Open University Pakistan P-9
515 Harun Koku Understanding Carbon Metabolism in Hydrogen Production by PNS Bacteria Middle East Technical University United States P-74
516 Bo Yu Recent progress on high temperature electrolysis for hydrogen and syngas production at INET Tsinghua University China P-97
517 Sylvie Escribano Simulation, Statistics and Experiments Coupled to develop Optimized aNd Durable µCHP systems using ACcelerated Tests. CEA/LITEN France P-54
531 Lucas Rodrigues Ramos Hydrogen and organic acids production from sugarcane juice and sucrose in thermophilic anaerobic fluidized bed reactor University of São Paulo Brazil P-75
532 Andreas Richter On the optimization of (Mn,Co)3O4 suspensions for electrophoretic deposition CerPoTech AS Norway P-64
533 Lucas Rodrigues Ramos Organic loading rate effect in hydrogen production from crude glycerol in anaerobic fluidized bed reactor FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF SÃO CARLOS Brazil P-76
540 Ayumi Ikeda Development of hydrogen permselective membranes for the thermochemical water splitting IS process Shibaura Institute of Technology Japan P-131
546 Naruki ENDO Research on operation for low-cost metal hydride hydrogen storage in stationary hydrogen energy system AIST Japan P-123
550 Kohji Nagashima Design of controllable hydrogen generation system by oxidation reaction of aluminum foil in the presence of Ca(OH)2 and water. Kyoto University Japan P-124
558 MinSeok Moon Corrosion behavior of CrN coating with the STS304, STS316 and STS430 alloys on the PEMFC conditions Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology Korea, South P-55
566 Kai Ou Optima PI Control of an Open Cathode PEM Fuel Cell System through Fuzzy-Logic Rules Chonnam National University Korea, South P-18
576 Bruno Gozlan Hydrogen Quality Assurance – From hydrogen sampling to analysis Air Liquide France P-141
586 Denis Thomas Hydrogen Economy Redux Hydrogenics Europe N.V. Belgium P-10
591 Sung-Pil Yoon Wettability control of liquid electrolyte on cathodes for molten carbonate fuel cells KIST Korea, South P-48
599 HONG ZHU A Different Conduction Mechanism for High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Beijing University of Chemical Technology China P-56
601 Alfonso Contreras Forecast for hydrogen-fuelled vehicles in the Madrid region for the 2020-2040 period UNED Spain P-33
604 Kwangho Lee Studying Pressurized reforming system for the application of Pd membrane applying to PEFC KAIST Korea, South P-24
605 Idoia San Martin Hydrogen-based energy storage for a distributed generation system Public University of Navarre Spain P-27
608 Parasuraman Selvam Hydrogen Sorption Characteristics of Ordered Nanoporous Carbons Indian Institute of Technology-Madras India P-125
616 Sergio Espatolero Callao Power to Gas technology implementation in the Aragonese Pyrenees. CIRCE-University of Zaragoza Spain P-25
620 Marc Torrell Investigation of protective coatings on ferritic stainless steel solid oxide fuel cells interconnects fabricated by powder metallurgy (SOFCs) IREC, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research Spain P-65
625 Mi-Sun Kim Biological conversion of carbohydrate-rich food waste to hydrogen and methane Korea Institute of Energy Research Korea, South P-77
627 Mi-Sun Kim Strategies for stable anaerobic digestion of food waste under high organic loading rate Korea Institute of Energy Research Korea, South P-132
628 Ada Saccà Composite Nafion-Titania Membranes for low relative humidity applications in a PEFC National Council of Research (CNR) Italy P-57
637 Alexey Schastlivtsev Hybrid energy storage system based on hydrogen and compressed air Joint institute for High Temperatures Russia P-28
649 Hyojung Bae Influence of CaMn2O4 co-catalyst on GaN for oxygen evolution electrode of water splitting Chonnam national university Korea, South P-41
657 Leandro González Rodríguez Nafion-metallic oxides membranes for intermediate temperature PEMFC Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno Spain P-42
658 Tomás González Integration of an electrolyzer into a hybrid system CIEMAT Spain P-134
664 Raúl Brey Facing the EU Directive on Alternative Fuels: Hydrogen infrastructure in Spain Abengoa Hidrógeno Spain P-137
670 Shin-Kun Ryi Ultra-thin ceramic diffusion barrier formation using newly developed blowing coating method for tubular Pd-based composite membrane Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) Korea, South P-106
682 Esther M. Martín de los Santos Electrolysis assisted by organic compounds on hydrogen production at room temperature. CSIC Spain P-98
686 Erika Soto Morillo Influence of sulfur and cadmium sources on the nanostructure and photoactivity of solvothermal CdS CSIC, Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica Spain P-88
689 Jens Mitzel Reversible and Irreversible Degradation Phenomena in PEMFCs German Aerospace Center (DLR) Germany P-58
692 henrik iskov Hydrogen transport in polymer pipes for natural gas distribution Danish Gastechnoly Centre A/S Denmark P-16
693 Pawel Gasior Manufacturing of COPVs for hydrogen storage with integrated optical fiber sensors Wroclaw University of Technology Poland P-142
703 Klaus Mauthner Green Hydrogen – The Missing Link? KatyushaTec Austria P-11
709 Taku Tsujimura Prospection of Argon Power Cycle to Improve Thermal Efficiency of Hydrogen Fueled Stationary Engines National institute of advanced industrial science and technology Japan P-29
712 Valeria Reginatto Kinetic parameters of fermentative H2 production from different galactose concentrations by a newly isolate Clostridium beijerinckii Br 21 USP Brazil P-78
716 Valeria Reginatto Saccharification of algae biomass for fermentative hydrogen production USP Brazil P-79
718 Valeria Reginatto Enhanced fermentative hydrogen production from sugarcane processing derivatives using landfill leachate as a co-substrate USP Brazil P-80
724 Arturo J. Vizcaíno Steam reforming of furfural and phenol for hydrogen production using bimetallic Ni-M/SBA-15 (M: Co, Cu, Cr) catalysts Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain P-89
730 ERNESTO AMORES Influence of fluid dynamic behavior in the ohmic overpotentials of an alkaline water electrolysis cell Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno Spain P-99
732 Roberto Spotorno Development of Cu-based Spinels as Coatings for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Università degli Studi di Genova Italy P-66
736 Juan Fernández García Hydrogen production by PEM electrolyzer Abengoa Hidrógeno Spain P-100
740 Francisco Javier Saiz Sevilla Testing of Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Systems Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno Spain P-126
742 Karel Bouzek Degradation of Pt/C Catalyst in High Temperature PEM Fuel Cell University of Chemistry and Technology Prague Czech Republic P-43
748 Jakub Mali? Hydrogen permeability of perfluorinated sulphonated membranes in PEM water electrolysis UCT Prague Czech Republic P-101
750 Jakub Mali? Development of the mobile APU system based on the PEM fuel cell stack UCT Prague Czech Republic P-19
761 María Orfila del Hoyo Ceria-based materials for hydrogen production by thermochemical splitting of H2O Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain P-111
767 Teresa Leo Mena Analysis of the installation of a PEM fuel cell in a harbor tugboat Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Spain P-34
768 A. Basile Evaluation of different styles of silica membrane processes for hydrogen separation from reforming products Urmia uinversity of technology Iran P-107
787 Abraham Ulises Chavez Synthesis of CO tolerant tungsten electrocatalyst for electrochemical hydrogen purification CIDETEQ Mexico P-90
790 Magnus Thomassen The potential for hydrogen as a transportation fuel in Norway towards 2030. SINTEF Norway P-3
794 José Gabriel García Clúa Electrolyzer size to minimize annual grid assistance for an autonomous wind-hydrogen system Instituto LEICI (CONICET-UNLP) Argentina P-102
801 chabane djafar Dynamic modeling of hydrogen desorption using the electrical fluid analogy FCLAB France P-135
803 Miguel Antonio Peña Further Insights on the Electrooxidation of Ethanol by in situ IRRAS in D2O Electrolytes CSIC Spain P-44
813 MARIA JESÚS LAZARO A new approach for the electrochemical reduction of CO2 in gas phase ICB-CSIC Spain P-22
815 MARIA JESÚS LAZARO Nitrogen doped carbon materials as electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reaction ICB-CSIC Spain P-45
817 J. Ysmael Verde Gómez Electrochemical studies on novel low-Pt loading electrocatalysts using N-doped carbon nanotubes as support Instituto Tecnológico de Cancún Mexico P-46
832 Vasco Amorim Hydrogen infrastructure metrics for initial s-curve uncertainty UTAD / INESCTEC Portugal P-138
862 MARIA JESÚS LAZARO Catalysts based on reduced graphene oxide for the electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction ICB-CSIC Spain P-47
865 Woohyun Kim Effects of noble metals on NiAl mixed oxides derived from hydrotalcite for selective CO methanation Korea Institute of Energy Research Korea, South P-91
870 Antonio Chica Lara Sustainable production of hydrogen by steam reforming of bioethanol using recycled ZnO promoted with Co. GREENZO Project. CSIC Spain P-92
891 Qi Li Energy Management Strategy for Photovoltaic/Fuel Cell/ Energy Storage Hybrid Generation System Southwest Jiaotong University China P-23
896 Saule Zholdayakova Possibilities of Hydrogen Energy Utilization in Kazakhstan: Preparation of TiCrMn hydrogen storage alloys and investigation of their absorption properties Tokai University Japan P-136
903 Jaimilla Motay Significance of the thermal conductivity of the catalyst layer for heat dissipation in Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Queen's University Canada P-21
907 Ibrahim Dincer Life Cycle Assessment of On-Board Hydrogen Production from Ammonia for Vehicles UOIT Canada P-35
912 Wan Ramli Wan Daud Synthesis And Optimization Of Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) At Cathode Side Of Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Malaysia P-36
916 Mikkel Rykær Kraglund Polybenzimidazole membranes for zero gap alkaline electrolysis cells Technical University of Denmark Denmark P-103

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