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Call for abstracts

The Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) is honored to invite all international stakeholders on hydrogen and fuel cells technologies and subjects relating to hydrogen production, storage, transport and end uses to participate in WHEC 2016. For this purpose we issue this CALL FOR ABSTRACTS.

Call for Abstracts closed at November 30th, 2015.

Download here the Call for Abstracts final results -

To ensure the success of the conference, WHEC 2016 will consist of guest plenary sessions, topical technical sessions of oral presentations, and technical sessions of posters. The topics to be covered by the conference communications include:

  1. Hydrogen Production: Fossil Sources
  2. Hydrogen Production: Solar Hydrogen / Renewable Hydrogen
  3. Hydrogen Production: Bio Hydrogen / Bio Gasification
  4. Hydrogen Production: Electrolysis / Electrolyzers
  5. Hydrogen Production: Catalysts
  6. Hydrogen Storage:  Chemical Carriers / Hydrides
  7. Hydrogen Storage: Gas / Liquefaction
  8. Electrocatalysts / Electrodes (Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers)
  9. PEM Fuel Cells Components
  10. Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Components
  11. Molten Carbonates Fuel Cells Components
  12. Alkaline Fuel Cells Components
  13. Other Fuel Cells Components
  14. Fuel Cell Stacks
  15. Fuel Cell Systems Modelling
  16. Hydrogen Systems Modelling
  17. Infrastructure Systems Modelling
  18. Transportation and Aerospace Applications
  19. Stationary Applications
  20. Other Applications of Hydrogen as a Fuel
  21. Other Applications of Fuel Cells
  22. Purification / Separation / Membranes
  23. Safety / Sensors / Hydrogen Properties
  24. Environmental Impact / Emissions
  25. Pipelines / Hydrogen Infrastructure / Distribution / Filling stations
  26. Hydrogen Economy / Commercialization / Codes and Standards
  27. Countries Strategies / Associations / Assessments

Participants who would like to make an oral or poster presentation are requested to submit an abstract electronically due to November 30th, 2015 (extended deadline). The template for abstract preparation is available here. The submitted abstracts will undergo a reviewing process. Acceptance will be notified by the Program and Scientific Committee by January 31st, 2016 (extended date). Authors of accepted abstracts will have the chance to submit a full paper of their work that may be selected for publication in a special issue of the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.

Authors are advised that abstracts will not be included in the final program unless registration documents and payment in full have been received for at least one of the authors. 



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