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Audiovisual Information for Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be 15 minutes long plus 5 more minutes for questions and answers.

Each Meeting room will be equipped with a PC and a data projector (beamer) for PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat presentations.

The presentations must be brought to the Speakers' Corner (view the layout of the venueat least two hours before your lecture, via USB drive.

1. Preparation:

  • Store all your files in a unique folder (especially videos).
  • Make sure video(s) play automatically when slide is displayed.
  • Colours: use light-coloured fonts for texts (white/yellow) on dark backgrounds or vice versa. A strong contrast is important for good legibility.
  • Legibility check: step back 1,5m from your computer, the text should be easily readable on presentation mode (if not, you are using a too small font).
  • PowerPoint & Windows versions from 95 to Windows 2013 may be used.

2. How to transport your file to the Speakers' Corner:

  • In a USB drive.

3. In the Speakers' Corner:

  • Please come to the Speakers' Corner the day before or at least two hours before your lecture.
  • Our technicians will transfer your presentation to a server.
  • You can then rehearse your presentation with the assistance of a technician.
  • Technicians will help you with your presentation and will ensure that your changes are updated on the specific server.

4. In the lecture room:

  • Via network your presentation is made available in your lecture room, on a presentation computer operated by a technician.
  • There will be no possibility to connect your laptop at the lectern in the lecture rooms.
  • It will NOT be possible to make any changes in the presentation once in the meeting room, nor by the technician nor the speaker.
  • Please adhere carefully to your allotted time (15 minutes). Chairmen have strict instructions to interrupt you if the allocated time slot is exceeded.
  • Note that you will have 5 more minutes for questions and answers.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Congress Secretariat: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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